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This is one of the things I enjoy doing, when the inside drives me outside.  I have taken a small 2 1/2 acre parcel, and began creating a small oasis in the desert.  There are two ponds.  Each with its own waterfall.  In each pond there is life.  Snails, Koi fish, and a craw-dad.  In the small pond I am growing  a plant called, pennywart (from the everglades of Florida)  and white & pink lilies, which I acquired from south america.  The large pond is still in transformation, but already has 6 large Koi fish, over 5 in.  in lenght and some unknown underwater plants at this time.  My ponds do not use commercial filtering.  They are designed by nature standards.  The small pond has remained balanced for 3 years. ( See attached photos) All walkways and flower border rocks were hand picked from the near by mountains.  Some have quartz crsytals, fossils from the dinasaur age, and turguoise in them.  (See attached photos)  I also have my own weather stone, which tells the weather very accurately. (See attached photo)