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Art piece description
 1. Desert Star.........If you could see the stars in the desert just after dusk.
 2. Steele horses....Where created to remember the wild horses that ran free
                                   cross the desert plains. They are gradually becoming extinct.                         
 3. Lost in Time.......This piece was created from the vision of what the desert
                                   once was.

 4. Standing Still.....This was created by the spirit of standing still, and just
 5. Pod of Life.........This creation represents how life begins with a seed, and
                                  travels through many turns of its journey, then returns to the
                                  natural earth.
 6. Vase Full Of Whispers....This clay vase, was created with different wild flower
                                  that grow through out the desert, and harvest in late fall. Some
                                  of them make unique sounds, as the wind blows.
 7. Bird Rest............This piece slanted flat rock, that asparrow might land on.
                                  With 3 small round rocks, that would collect water.
                                  (They can be used as incense holders.)
 8. Lizard Perch......This small creation is made with various rocks in the desert
                                   some old fossils from the prehistoric age. A place that you
                                   would probably see a lizard enjoying the sun God.
 9. Western Evening..This piece when lite, gives the soft glow of a western
 10. Persoal Comfort..It explains it's self.
 11. Outhouse Decor..This piece was created to enhance the toilet.
 12. Candle Rest.....This piece will hold a 6" candle. It is made with solid steele.
 13. Stage Coach....This piece is of the old west stagecoach runs.
 14. Candle Rest.....This piece will hold a 6" candle, and made of solid steele.
 15. Elk......................Elk was created in a mountain scenry to show its strenght.
 16. Coyote Night...This piece represents the coyotes that howl at the moon
                                   here in the desert.
 17. Desert Spirits..This piece represents all the spirts of the southwest.
 18. Sunset in Autumn..These are the wild flowers of autumn in the desert,
                                   arranged in a large clay pot.
 19. Medicine Wand...This is the wand to warn off evil spirits.
 20. Prarie Water......Shows the old windmills that was used in the old west.
                                    It is solid steele.
 21. Cow Trail..........One of the many cows in the west heading for water or graze.
 22. Medicine Bowl.In this arrangement you can put your herbs, or incense in
                                   the bowl, to enlighten your spirit.
 23. Wagon Train...Is a scene of the old west wagon trains traveling out west.
 24. Manhood ceremony..This is a young warrior being celebrated into manhood
 25. Chief.................This is a piece of an Indain cheif talking to the spirits.
 26. Rodeo..............Wild bronc riding is a common thing in the west.
 27. Wolf..................Having the spirit of the wolf gives you strenght, courage, and
 28. Desert reptiles..This vision was give to me to look at the natural state of
                                 some of the desert reptiles.
 29. Frontier Dining..These two dinner candle holders show our western style
                                 at our large wooden dinner tables. They are made of solid
                                 steele and twisted by hand.
 30. Desert Flowers..This arrangement is made with dried wild flowers, rabbit
                                 fur, indain beads, with a hand painted metal vase.
 31. Spirit Rock.....This piece carries the spirit of fallen feathers. Feathers that
                                 have fallen from the birds of the desert.
 32. Cactus in the Desert.. This vision was given to show the beautiful cactus of