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Niky's Collection
This is Niky's page. My teenage daughter who has many talents....Niky is just Niky.  She listens to the boy bands
 is a published poet, and  writes screen plays. She has also started a small business called ALSA, which stands for "Alamogordo Songwrites Association"And when see isn't trying to save the world, she goes to high school, And works at a local resturant.

This is Niky's World...
Here's one of Niky's published poems..............
                                                "At The Coffee House"
                                                        I hear the people
                         Whispering while I am reciting
                          A poem, or I am reciting a song.
           I look to my left and I see one  special  person
                      I glance into his emerald eyes
                                        And I see nothing but
                                        A warm tender heart
                     After the song or poem that I was
            Reciting I wailk up to that special person,
                 And sat down at an empty chair.
             His face lit up like Christmas lights,
                                           On a cold winters day
            He asked me if he could buy me a cup of coffee.
Here's Niky's favorite quote.....Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
Here's Niky's boyband sweetheart..

Here's some of Niky's collected art.